Trailers For Sale in New Jersey

Hampton RV Trailer Sales & Service offers high quality trailers for sale throughout New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania. Conveniently located off of Route 206, we’re easy to find.

We have many types of trailers to choose from, including dump trailers, equipment trailers, flatbed trailers, utility trailers, enclosed trailers, and more. We stock our trailers from brands you know and trust, including PJ Trailers, MAXX-D, Car Mate, Felling Trailers, Delta Manufacturing, and Diamond C.

Additionally, we also offer robust products and services for all of our trailers. Our services include:

  • Body Work
  • Bearing Maintenance
  • Roof Leak Diagnostic
  • Mouse Free Treatment
  • Fluid Film Treatment
  • And A Range Of Other Services

When it comes to parts, our catalog carries a variety of options. We have general accessories, electronics, engine parts, hardware, lights, trailer hitches, among many more. You can browse our online catalog by clicking here.

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Driving Directions

Situated along Route 206/Hampton House Road, we’re located by many of the car dealerships north of town. Below are some simple directions from nearby cities.

New York City

Take I-78 west to get to I-280. You’ll continue heading west for 15 miles before merging onto I-80 West. Look for NJ-15 to head north where it will combine with Lafayette Road. As you approach Lafayette, you’ll want to turn left onto NJ-94 headed south. You hit US-206, where you will want to turn left headed south. We’ll be on your left.

Allentown, PA

Head east onto US-22, where you’ll want to head towards Philipsburg. Once in Philipsburg, just past the Delaware River, you’ll want to take a left onto Memorial Pkwy, but almost immediately exit onto Lincoln Road. You’ll go past a few blocks to turn right onto Belvidere Road, or County Road 519. You’ll want to pay special attention to stay on County Rd 519 until you reach Johnsonburg, where you’ll want to continue to Ramsey road, or County Road 661. You’ll want to reach NJ-94, where you’ll head north toward Newton. After a quick detour through the city square, you’ll want to get to US 206 N/Water St. You’ll take this last road north where you will find us on your right.

Scranton, PA

Get onto I-84 head east out of town. You’ll want to take I-84 for about 45 minutes and keep an eye out for exit 46 to get on US-6 toward Milford. You’ll want to go straight through Milford to get onto US-209 for a little while, but very quickly exit onto US-206. You’ll stay on US-206 south until you reach us. Keep in mind, you’ll make sure you want to take a right down toward Newton, otherwise you may end up on US-15/Lafayette Road in the wrong direction.