Mouse Free Treatment

Mouse Free's unique formula stops mice and other pests from entering through the small holes and cavities on the underside of your motorhome or trailer.
No drip | No mess | Non-toxic


Simply put, a lubricating non drip coating scented with 100% natural essential oils is applied to the entire undercarriage of your RV. This provides two very unique ways to repel mice:

  1. Mice have a very acute sense of smell. The scent of natural essential oils are overwhelming to mice, and drive them away.
  2. The non drip oily coating is much too slippery to travel across. The coating is impassable by any mouse, squirrel, or insect - even ants! If it doesn't have wings, we keep them out!

Do it yourself!

We currently offer the following products:

Mouse Free Expeller Spray Gun & 1 Gallon Jug


Coverage: Coat & Protect up to a 24' RV

Re-usable for repeat applications

Refill 1 Gallon Jug


Coverage: Coat & Protect up to a 24' RV

Let us do it for you!

Having a Mouse Free RV is easy! Just call or stop by to set up an appointment with our service department, the same as you would for any other preventative maintenance service such as an oil change. The trained certified technicians will apply the Mouse Free protective coating to the entire undercarriage of your trailer or motorhome.



**Special note: The Mouse Free product works very well at preventing mice from entering your RV. It is not designed to get rid of existing mice. 'Bait and Trap' methods must be used to reduce any existing population of mice. We recommend immediate action when evidence of rodents are found. They can multiply very quickly, and damage to your RV may result.